How to navigate the i-doc:

The interactive documentary exhibits the various ‘reading’ modalities experimented with during the project. The viewer can access the documentary from this website, that gives him/her access to the home menu (The introductory part of the documentary).
The structure of the i-doc resembles an archipelago, insofar as it is made of ‘small islands of knowledge’ or ‘modalities of reading’ gravitating around a central element: a video. The video was recorded during one of the participatory workshops in Italy and presents the interctive installation that I prepared in occasion of the event with its various elements. Through each of these 5 elements, the visitor can navigate and ENTER a desired ‘reading modality’:

  1. ‘Album on the table’ ENTERS the reading modality entitled ‘Commonality’ and presents the somatic postcards produced during ethnographic field research.
  2. The first laptop gives access to the ‘Multidimensionality’ reading modality and displays the drawing experiments undertaken during the first phase of the project.
  3. The second laptop displays instead the mash-up video (Multiplicities) that I developed during the third step of the project, where I collate my own family movies with selected scenes from the analysed corpus of footage.
  4. The garment gives acces to the editing exercises or ‘Marginalities’ experimented with during the preliminary phase of the project, where I manipulate home movie scenes using digital tools (filters, effects etc).
  5. The ‘head’ of the garment/mirror ENTERS the results of the participatory workshops that I organised in Leicester/UK and Catanzaro/Italy. Once entering this ‘archipelago’, the viewer can choose between ENCOUNTERS CtEO and ENCOUNTERS IH. The first one gives access to the four projects developed by participants: performance, mood board, Sound piece, Narrative/Memes and Architectures. The second one offers insight into the three progressive exercises organised during the Innovate Heritage workshop: drawing exercise on paper, drawing exercise on textile and the final collective projects.

For each interactive ‘island of knowledge’ in the archipelago, the viewer can control the media that displays (e.g. start/stop videos, go back to the MENU through the Back button positioned at the bottom of the page, or go directly to the main MENU – video through the MENU button on the left-upper corner of the screen). Alternatively the viewer can use the back button of the internet browser to return to the previous area of visualisation.